The New Jersey Trails Association is comprised of volunteers who build and maintain trails, collect GPS data for mapping, and provide trail description information for the trail guides featured on this site.

Please Note: Volunteer opportunities are limited due to Covid-19.

You can volunteer to help in a number of ways:

  • Perform quality control walks to verify trail information. Print the trail map, summary, and full description and put them to the test. Use them to find the trail, walk the routes described, and see if the directions and trail markings are clear and accurate. Document any discrepancies you find, so the guide can be corrected and posted.
  • Join us for Sunday morning trail building projects. This work is gratifying because you can actually participate in building a trail that will serve hikers for years to come. Learn skills from experienced trail designers and builders. Everyone of all ages and ability is welcome to join in.
  • Provide feedback on trail walks. If you find something that can be improved, please drop us an email so we can address problems, or notify the entity that manages the trail.

See D&R Greenway Land Trust for more ways to participate in stewardship.

If you would like to get involved in any capacity, please contact D&R Greenway Land Trust
(609) 924-4646 or email us at info@drgreenway.org.

Trail Etiquette

When out on the trail, please observe social distancing practices and trail restrictions regarding usage of mountain bikes and horseback riding. Obey the law to keep dogs leashed on all of these trails. Leave no garbage behind. Please be respectful of nature and others on the trail.