NJTA Partnerships

Our mission is to make accurate trail maps and guides for preserved lands accessible to the public.

New Jersey Trails Association assembles information on trails open to the public and posts it on this site. We work in partnership with state, county, and local non-profit land preservation groups and parks agencies to plan additional trails.

NJTA has over the years collaborated with representatives from the following organizations:

Volunteers design and build trails, walk and record them, and write guides for this website. They also verify the trail guides for accuracy by walking a trail with map and trail description in hand. Expert GIS mapping technicians prepare trail maps. This website is maintained by both professional and volunteer website developers.

Your contribution can help expand and accelerate the work of making more trails available on this site.

Trail Etiquette

When out on the trail, please observe social distancing practices and trail restrictions regarding usage of mountain bikes and horseback riding. Obey the law to keep dogs leashed on all of these trails. Leave no garbage behind. Please be respectful of nature and others on the trail.