Two Bridges Trail
Trenton, NJ 08608

Overview of Selected Trail

A gentle loop hike along the river in Trenton, NJ and Morrisville, PA with stunning views of Trenton skyline. For historical and other information about places you will pass on this walk, i.e., New Jersey State House, War Memorial Theater, William Trent House, and Old Barracks Museum, look at the following websites: State Museums or NJ Legislature.

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  • Two Bridges Trail
  • Distance:

    2.79 miles


    Approximately one hour for walking the loop.

    From the Wyndham Garden Trenton Hotel, 1 W. Lafayette Street, it takes approximately 30 minutes to jog the loop.


    None. Street signs and landmarks are shown on map.

    Trail Usage:

    Walking/Hiking, Accessible by wheelchair and baby stroller, Dogs permitted on leash


    Generally flat


    Easy. Paved trails or sidewalks for the entire length of the loop. Use caution when crossing at five busy intersections in city of Trenton.


    This is a loop hike – parking is available at numerous locations along the route in both Trenton and Morrisville, both on the street and in lots, so park where you can and follow directions from that point.

    There is free visitor parking in lots at the War Memorial and William Trent House. There is always available free street parking on North Delmorr and Park Avenues on the Morrisville side. Metered street parking for one and two hours is on all the Trenton streets. Paid garage parking is at the Lafayette Yard Hotel & Conference Center, 1 W. Lafayette Street.


    The Two Bridges Loop is convenient to mass transit. See Directions for more details.


    Lafayette Yard Hotel & Conference Center in Trenton is convenient to many landmarks in Trenton.


    Driving and Bus Directions:

    Trail Guide starts at The Plaza; a plaza entrance is at 185 West State Street between the State House Annex and the State Library. If you don’t know where these facilities are, you can find directions from your starting point to the trail head by using an internet map service and entering “NJ State Library, Trenton, NJ” or find directions and bus service to the library and trail head at NJ State Library.

    NJ Transit bus service is available using the 601, 606, 608 and 609 bus routes. Ask the driver to let you out at the stop for the State Museum and State Library. Other NJ Transit buses serving Trenton stop within two blocks of the trail route.

  • The Two Bridges Stroll takes you into Pennsylvania to see the most stunning views of Trenton’s skyline.

    Segment 1: Walk west along West State Street to Calhoun Street and cross at the light. Turn left and follow sidewalk to Calhoun Street Bridge. Crossing the bridge, enjoy the wooden sidewalk and the upstream views of the Delaware River.

    Segment 2: At far side of bridge, cross bridge roadway near guard shack at traffic light. (Across the intersection from the guard shack is a nice public restroom and access to the Delaware Canal and Towpath.) See the trail leading to levee along the river. Follow the trail east on top of river while admiring stunning views of Trenton and observing the Trenton Falls – the last rapids along the Delaware River before tidewater.

    Segment 3: The levee trail ends at the Trenton Makes Bridge. Follow the sidewalk on the bridge back to New Jersey. Continue along sidewalk to first traffic light. Turn left at William Trent Place.

    Segment 4: Points numbered on map: 1. William Trent House, 2. Hughes Justice Complex, 3. Labor and Industry Building, 4. Wyndham Garden Trenton Hotel, 5. Trenton War Memorial Theater, 6. Trenton Visitor Center, 7. Old Barracks, 8. Thomas Edison State College, 9. State House and Annex, 10. State Library and State Museum. Follow the walk along William Trent Place past the William Trent House on your left and the Hughes State Justice Complex on your right to Market Street.

    Cross Market Street at the light and continue straight ahead into and through the state parking lot and straight ahead to the sidewalk of the plaza of the Labor & Industry Building past the picnic tables. The high mound on your left is the state helipad. Turn left at the building (this is the south side of the building), and then right passing the west side of the Labor and Industry Building, then continue straight next to or through a small park/plaza to John Fitch Plaza Way. Turn right on the sidewalk and go about a half a block along John Fitch Plaza Way to the intersection at the light of S. Warren St. and John Fitch Way/Assunpink Street. Make a left and cross at light and continue north walking on S. Warren St. The walk crosses over the Assunpink Creek. At the intersection of S. Warren and Lafayette, turn left on Lafayette. Pass the Marriott Hotel on the right and the Trenton War Memorial Theater is on the left.

    When you reach the front steps and flag pole of the War Memorial, you may take A) or B): A) Turn left and follow the asphalt walkway that leads towards the State House parking garage. (See the steep stairs.) Climb these stairs at end of walkway to the top of The Plaza – a rooftop garden atop the parking garage with more beautiful views of the Delaware River and benches. Walk northwest across the plaza; return to West state Street past the fountain between State House Annex on your right and the State Library on your left to the trail beginning. B) Cross Lafayette and go up Barracks St. On the northeast corner of Lafayette and Barracks is the Trenton Visitor Center. On Barracks Street you will pass the Old Barracks. Go 2 blocks and make a left (west) on W. State Street. You will pass shops on the right side of the street. On the left are Thomas Edison State College, the State House, the State House Annex, the State Library and the State Museum. This is the point of the trail beginning.

  • It is fascinating to see the large variety of birds sitting on rocks and diving for fish along the Delaware River.

    The William Trent House maintains an historical garden, which can be viewed as part of a tour.

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  • The trail passes through the cultural center of Trenton and the State House Complex. The first bridge at the Calhoun Street crossing was constructed in 1859. The first bridge at the Trenton Makes crossing was constructed in 1806. The William Trent House, built in 1719, was the home of William Trent, the founder of Trenton. At the end of your walk you will see the Old Barracks where Hessian soldiers were quartered in 1776 prior to the Battle of Trenton. The William Trent House, the Old Barracks and the State House are open for tours. For historical and other information about places you will pass on this walk, i.e., NJ State House, War Memorial Theater, William Trent House, and Old Barracks Museum, look at the following websites:  State Museums or NJ Legislature.

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