Photography project

WHAT:        New Cooperative Trail Photography Project Calls for NJ Trail Photography

                        “Understanding Trails Through Photography”

WHEN:          Ongoing

WHO:             New Partnership: New Jersey Trails Association / D&R Greenway Land Trust / Princeton Photography Club               

WHY:             Increasing need for effective photography of preserved nature trails for websites, p.r. and upcoming exhibition in D&R Greenway’s Marie L. Matthews Galleries

Photographs of our state’s preserved trails are requested by a new partnership of the New Jersey Trails Association (NJTA), D&R Greenway Land Trust and Princeton Photography Club (PPC). We’re looking for photographs of the trails that appear on the New Jersey Trails Association website. Beginning immediately, effective seasonal photographs are called for to fill an increasing need for knowledge of nature trails in our region.  The pictures will appear, with credit, on the NJTrails association web-site, as well as in D&R Greenway’s electronic and print releases and newsletters.

Please visit these sites for trail information: and

For an updated chart detailing photographic needs please visit:

Submission Requirements:

  1. Images are to be 4×6 (vertical or horizontal) at 150 pixel/inch in JPEG format
  2. The file name should include the photographer’s first initial and last name, the property name and photo number. (Example: R_Grant_Carson_Road_Woods_1)
  3. Photographers should submit digital high resolution JPEG images via email to:
  4. Only the property name is to be noted in the subject line
  5. In the body of the email list:
    1. The photographer’s name
    2. Photo number with subject description (name of trail, animal, plant, etc…) and date image taken
      1. Examples:
        1. Photo 1 – Red Fox Kit – 4/27/2014
        2. Photo 2 – View from Peach Orchard – 4/26/2014
  1. A limit of four photos per submission is requested
  2. There are no age or residency restrictions

Questions regarding the submission requirements should be sent to Richard Grant at:

Trail Etiquette

When out on the trail, please observe social distancing practices and trail restrictions regarding usage of mountain bikes and horseback riding. Obey the law to keep dogs leashed on all of these trails. Leave no garbage behind. Please be respectful of nature and others on the trail.